How to Thicken Your Lawn

Published On: August 16, 2020Categories: Improve Your Lawn
Seeding your lawn

The time for fall seeding is here!

Even though it’s still summer, it’s time to start thinking about fall tasks and repairing and rebuilding your lawn should be tops on the list in August. This time of the year often gets overlooked as a good time to seed because temperatures are still warm, yet the optimal fall lawn seeding window is from mid-August to early September.

Planting at this time of year will give your seed the absolute best chance to survive and flourish. Seed that’s planted after this window of opportunity usually fails because it doesn’t have enough time to germinate and mature before we begin getting regular or hard frosts in October.  Furthermore, spring seeding often fails because it cannot mature enough to handle the hot and dry summer conditions.Learn more about proper seeding techniques.

If you’re looking to thicken up your lawn this fall, don’t hesitate….  Contact us Today!

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