Japanese Beetles have emerged!

Published On: July 8, 2020Categories: Lawn Pests
Japanese beetles

If left untreated, these pests are particularly destructive to your property.  The adults feed on and damage trees and shrubs, then the offspring feed on and damage your lawn.  Damage can be especially severe from predators looking for grubs, particularly skunk and raccoons that can tear up an entire lawn in search of these tasty treats!

Right now, you should be seeing the adult beetles feeding on trees and shrubs, especially birch trees, linden trees, fruit trees, grapevines and rose bushes.  Read more about the beetles here

After feeding on the plants they bury eggs in the lawn that hatch into grubs. Learn more about the grubs here  Those Grubs will then be just below the surface feeding on the lawn’s root system.

Avoid using Japanese Beetle pheromone traps as they attract more beetles (From up to 1/2 mile away) to your property than they control. The best thing to do to protect your plants is to have them treated properly.

If you’re concerned about Japanese Beetles/Grubs damaging your property, CONTACT US.  Our professional plant health care specialists can help protect your lawn, trees and shrubs from this destructive pest.

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