Fertilization Program

Lawn Fertilization Services

The key to bringing out the full potential of your lawn is applying premium blends of natural mineral fertilizers at the correct times of the year in conjunction with the proper cultural practices that we will teach you. Turf Techs’s treatments are applied at optimum times of the year in accordance with the University of Illinois guidelines, our certification training and over 25 years of personal experience. If your lawn is properly maintained, Turf Techss 4 treatment per year program will produce better results than the conventional 6-8 treatment program!

Weed and Crabgrass Control

Weed and Crabgrass Control Services

The best way to control weeds and crabgrass is to create a thick stand of turf. By keeping your lawn thick and healthy, weed and crabgrass seeds stay shaded on the soils surface and will be less likely to germinate and invade. Your lawn will be able to naturally fend off weed and crabgrass invasion and limit the need for herbicide use.

For lawns with current weed and crabgrass problems we have very effective treatments and plans available. We take a two step approach by first killing off existing weeds and crabgrass and then thicken up the turf with a high quality fertilization program.

Grub Control

Grub Control Services

During the summer months your lawn is very susceptible to injury from Grubs. Grubs feed below the surface on the roots and they often go undetected until permanent damage occurs. In most cases of grub injury renovations are needed to repair the damaged areas.

Reduce the risk of grub injury by protecting your lawn with our preventative treatment Grub Shield! Preventative treatments are cheaper and much safer for your family and pets than the curative treatments making them a practical and cost effective investment for your lawn. Not only do they protect the time, money and hard work that you’ve invested into getting your lawn healthy, they’re much less harmful to our environment when compared to traditional insecticides.

Thatch Management

Thatch Management Services

Thatch is an accumulation of living and dead plant material such as roots, stems, and rhizomes that build up between the green matter and the soil surface. Excessive thatch (over ½ inch thick) needs to be controlled because it creates a favorable environment for pests and disease, and an unfavorable growing environment for grass roots, leaving your lawn very susceptible to permanent damage. At Turf Techs, we believe in managing thatch through good cultural practices such as annual core aeration, and sensible fertilizing.

If your lawn has excessive thatch that needs to be removed we use an all natural biological liquid dethatcher as an alternative to physically removing it. Liquid dethatch treatments contain naturally occurring microbes that feast on dead plant tissue which help break down the unwanted thatch into organic matter.

Bio Boost

Imported from the Northwest Territory our Bio Boost treatments are all natural liquid applications that contain Mother Nature’s natural organic composts. It contains compounds like humic acids, kelp and seaweed extracts, enzymes and amino acids for soil conditioning, and non-pathogenic thatch eating microbes.

By adding the concentrated microbes and enzymes we help Mother Nature retain a balanced ecosystem to keep up with the accumulation of dead plan material while maintaining a mineral rich soil.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration and Lawn Aeration Services

Mechanical core aeration is one of the best things that you can do to improve and maintain your lawns health and should be done on an annual basis. Core aeration helps relieve soil compaction, allows air and nutrients to reach directly to the root zone, reduces thatch, promotes deeper denser root growth, and stimulates side growth to help fill in those thin and bare areas.

There are certain situations where lawns may need a more or less aggressive aeration program in order to be healthy. After evaluating your soil types we will let you know what type of aeration program your lawn will benefit most from.

Seeding Repairs

Lawn Seeding Services

The key to successful seeding is making sure to use the correct methods and seed types for your specific situation. Oftentimes thin areas in your lawn can be fixed with good cultural practices such as proper mowing, watering, aerating, fertilizing and improving the overall growing conditions.

The most commonly known practice of aerating and over-seeding has a very low success rate in most situations. In situations where seeding is required, we will advise you of what techniques and products will be most effective to help you achieve your goals.

Fungicide Treatments

Lawn Fungus Treatment Service

Fungicide treatments are the last line of defense when dealing with disease outbreaks. They are very costly and often avoidable if your lawn is properly maintained. However there are certain unique situations when fungicide treatments are unavoidable. For those rare occasions treatments are available to help suppress extreme disease outbreak as needed for an additional fee.

Landscaping and Tree Services

Lawn mowing and landscape services

Although we do not directly provide mowing, cleans up, pruning and similar type of landscaping/tree services, we work with a few select landscapers and tree companies in the area that we can refer to you.

In order to ensure they will live up to the same service level that Turf Techs’s customers have come to expect, we take the time to pre-screen all of our landscape partners and only work with ones who have the same enthusiasm for customer service as we do.