Avoid this common lawn care mistake this spring!

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With the amount of advertising that homeowners are bombarded with at the beginning of each spring we’ve been conditioned to expect a green and lush lawn as soon as temperatures rise and the snow cover melts. As a result, the most common springtime mistake made is fertilizing too early!

Fertilizing your grass prematurely in the spring forces top growth at the expense of root growth and weakens your lawn.

Deep and dense grass roots are the key to having a healthy lawn.  Studies at the University of Illinois show that root growth begins shortly after the soil thaws and peaks when soil temperatures are between 50-60 degrees.

When fertilizer is applied before or during the peak of this spring root development period, it forces vigorous top growth at the expense of the root growth and the root system will stay shallow and undeveloped.  This condition seriously weakens your lawn making it very susceptible to diseases, insects, and other problems throughout the year, especially during the warm and dry summer months.

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Crabgrass Preventers
As recommended by the University of Illinois, crabgrass preventer doesn’t need to be applied until early May under normal weather patterns.  Applying the product a little later in the spring also gives you longer control in the summer months when crabgrass is most active.

Important Note: Conventional crabgrass preventers cannot be used in any areas that require seeding because it prevents the seed from developing. Select care must be taken in these areas.

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Turf Techs’s Seasonal Fertilizing Programs
Our family friendly Seasonal Care Programs provide superior results by following the fertilizing schedule devised by University of Illinois and exclusively using premium blends of natural mineral fertilizer all season long.

And there’s more than just treatments….

In addition to a premier fertilization program, our assistance is at your fingertips throughout the year.  With our vast knowledge and experience we will guide and teach you how to properly care for your lawn based on the ever changing environment year after year.

After all,  “Achieving and maintaining a healthy weed free lawn takes more than just treatments…. It takes a partnership.” – Grant Schmidt

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