Summertime Blues for Cool Season Lawns

Published On: July 2, 2020Categories: Improve Your Lawn
Lawn care during a drought

During the upcoming summer months our lawns are going to be faced with adversities such as heat, drought, insects and diseases making this a critical time of year for their well being.  

Here in northern Illinois, our lawns are made up of cool season grasses.  These grass types struggle to stay active during hot and dry periods leaving them susceptible to damage.  Depending on what Mother Nature throws at us, getting your lawn through the summer unharmed can prove to be difficult.

Successfully caring for your lawn during the summer goes above and beyond fertilizer alone, making this the time of year that separates quality lawn care services from the ordinary treatment companies. 

Taking the right approach to dealing with each problem as they arise is the key to getting your lawn through the summer unscathed.  Some problems can be fixed with proper maintenance alone while others may need curative or preventative treatments.  It all depends on our environment and your lawns particular growing conditions.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced lawn care service provider to help with these issues really goes a long way in keeping your lawn healthy during the summer.

The Certified Turfgrass Professionals at Turf Techs Lawn Care know which time of year and what environmental conditions trigger dangers to your lawn. This allows us to handle each problem effectively as they occur.


We would love to put our knowledge, experience, and expertise to work for you.  Not only do we treat your turf with the finest materials and utmost care, we will work alongside and teach you the proper techniques to get your lawn through the risky summer months.

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